How to Draw Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff drawing – How to draw pokemon easy for kids step by step for kids


Step 1

Draw a large circle to indicate the body shape and head of Jigglypuff.

Step 2

Delete the top part of the shape (head) and draw the block. It is kind of like a big G, only the upper part is a little curvy.

Step 3

On the left side of the tuft, draw a reverse V on the head, so it looks like an ear. On the right, make the V upside down a little to the right.

Step 4

In the middle of the circle, delete the line on the left side and draw a small v. Make sure the pointed portion is facing the outside of Jigglypuff.

Step 5

Add a small “v” down the inside of both ears.

Step 6

At the bottom of the Jigglypuff, draw less ovals on either side, a little tilt. This will be the foot.

Step 7

On the other hand, draw a normal “v” above the right leg.

Step 8

Add the eyes to the right and left of the tuff. Draw a medium circle and a smaller circle on the outside. Draw a smaller circle in the small circle. This will be a student.

Step 9

Just under the eyes, draw a small curved mouth.

Step 10

Add color to your finished Jigglypuff.

Step 11

Add the ball to the reflection by the light.

Step 12

Add highlights in sections where light reflects. Color it

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