How to Draw a Teddy Bear

Bear toys have been popular for a long time, but it was not until President Theodore Roosevelt that teddy bears were called teddy bears. Legend has it that Teddy Roosevelt, the niece has a teddy bear and says, “I look like my uncle Teddy.” Maybe she also wants to know how to draw a teddy bear.

How to Draw a Teddy Bear easy step by step for kids

Follow the steps below and you will draw teddy bears


Step 1

Start drawing your teddy bear with a circle for the head and a circle for the body to be stacked on top of another.

Step 2

Add a few small circles to the bear’s ears and a larger circle for the bear’s snout

Step 3

Now is the time for the arms and legs, adding circles to the people as well.

Step 4

Start detailing the face by adding it to the inner ear, eyes, nose and mouth,

Step 5

Connect the arms and legs to the body with the lines as shown below.

Step 6

To make your bear look hairy, add a wavy line around the edges of your bear.

Step 7

Use a pen or marker to overprint the edges of the bear. This is a good time to make any corrections or adjustments.

Step 8

Complete the teddy bears and draw the curves to outline your belly.

Step 9

Give your bear a base color. You can use colored pencils, crayons. mark or paint. Your technique may vary depending on what you use.

Step 10

Covering the parts of the bear will receive less light when illuminated from above. This will be the underside of the arm and the lower edge of the face and abdomen. This shade offers your 3-D shape shape.

Step 11

Add a pink tune inside the ear and on the pads of the hands and feet.

Step 12

Add an interesting background to a bear. You can follow and draw a bear.

You can refer to how to draw for kids on the website professional drawing guide


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